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Our team’s annual goal is to create a team of excited student that bring academic knowledge to robotics competition. We are part of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and participate in FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC).

FRC combines the excitement of competition with rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources are challenged to engineer robot to preform a set of tasks against a field of competitors, raise funds, design a team “brand”, and hone teamwork skills.


For the 2024 FRC CRESCENDO Season, Team Paradise built "The Rhino".

Hueneme Port (California)

AZ Valley - Gracious Professionalism Award Winner, Alliance Captain

AZ East - Gracious Professionalism Award Winner, 1st pick of 6th Seed Alliance.

Team Picture


Teacher Sponsors

  • Jorge "Chef" Ramos
    Head Coach
  • Alex Ruiz


  • Mike Moenich
    Administration & Build
  • Gatlin Farrington
    Electrical & Programming
  • Alarmel S
    Build & Design
  • Sam R
  • Ken Whitley
  • Charlotte Moenich
    Administration & Strategy
  • Ethan Mullins
    Build & Design
  • Mason Mills
    Build & Design
  • John Studnicka
    Programming & Web Design


  • Aila Jamakovic
  • Aneesa Napoli
    Vice President
  • Mason Cucci
  • Abby Neil


  • Alexander Podborny
    Captain of Build
  • Michael Yagodnik
    Captain of Design
  • Andrew McBeath
    Captain of CAD
  • Anthony Harkins
    Captain of Electrical
  • Bridget Ruble
    Captain of Media
  • Ashton Antila
    Captain of Programming
  • Mason Cucci
    Captain of Safety
  • Kaylynn Decker
    Captain of Organization
  • Nic Fejfar
    Captain of Scouting
  • Aneesa Napoli
    Captain of The Arts